May 22, 2014 will be the last day you will be able to earn credits using AVAS will be changing to a new curriculum provider for the 2014/15 school year. Any partial credit work will not be honored next school year. Plan to complete credits by May 22, 2014.


For registration information:

Welcome to

Antelope Valley Adult School

We are glad you have chosen to pursue your high school diploma. We are here to assist you. If you have any questions or do not understand what to do next, please ask a teacher. (Scroll down to read the entire page.)

To get started:

Watch the four short videos to learn how the diploma program works. To access the videos, double-click on the "Shortcut to Videos" icon on the desktop.

    • The First Step - classroom information (2-1/2 minutes)
    • Navigating Your Courses - how to log in to (4-1/3 minutes)
    • Assignments - accessing, saving, and submitting (5-1/2 minutes)
    • Ready to Test - information about taking tests in (2-1/2 minutes)

After watching all four videos, log in to your courses with your username and password.

New for 2013/2014: Cornell Notes

Click here to watch the video on how to take notes using the Cornell format.


If you have been enrolled in the high school diploma program during the 2013/14 school year but have been dropped due to lack of attendance, you can re-enroll the 1st Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. Check in at the front office to get a copy of your evaluation before going to the Guidance Office.

Career Exploration:

Explore exciting new jobs and occupations or learn about what career path interests you at California CareerZone: (click on "Flash")

California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)

Adult students may take the CAHSEE up to three (3) times each school year. Math CAHSEE preparation classes are offered each Monday evening at our main campus. CAHSEE test dates for 2013/2014:

  • October 1 & 2
  • December 7 & 14 (Saturdays)
  • March 18 & 19
  • May 13 & 14*

*Students taking the May test are not eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies.

Assignment Sheets:

You will receive an assignment sheet for each course in which you are enrolled. Bring the assignment sheet with you each time you come to class.


All "textbooks" can be found in courses within each unit under the heading of Lesson. You may not take any quizzes or exams until you have completed the lesson portion of the units.

Note Taking:

All courses require students to take notes. Your notes should be handwritten, neat, and organized. The first page of each unit's notes must have your name, date, and subject/unit number. Notes should include terms, definitions, key ideas, practice sets, and examples. You may use your notes on tests, with teacher approval.

Taking Tests:

When you have completed the lessons and any off-line assignments, you are ready to take your quiz/test. All quizzes/tests require a password from the teacher. Logout of your computer and go to the testing area of the classroom. Take your assignment sheet and handwritten notes with you. You may NOT write down any questions or notes from the tests! All scrap paper used for the test must be turned in when you have completed the test. If you fail a test, you may review it with the teacher. You may not retake a failed test on the same day.


AVAS Mission Statement Link: Click here to access form


For more information about and a detailed description of our courses, visit our website at

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